About Us

Squid Inc Pty. Ltd. is a privately owned South Australian company which has been supplying quality South Australian seafood produce in the Adelaide restaurant industry for over 20 years.

Squid Inc Pty Ltd operates from a modern warehouse facility that is HACCP approved. The premise comprises of a:

  • Controlled preparation and refrigerator area 4°C – 8°C
  • Walk-in freezer -18°C
  • Holding freezer -30°C

The Squid Inc transport vehicles are refrigerated to -18°C on stand-by (they too are also HACCAP approved).

Squid Inc’s General Manager, John Hall, has had a long association with the South Australian aquaculture and seafood processing industry and has held various management roles over the last 15 years.

All Squid Inc packaging and cutlery is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

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